Hi! I’m The Peach!

You can call me Giant Peach or Penticton Peach, or if we’re really good friends, you can call me Peachy. Just don’t call me Grape.

I have 3 favourite pastimes: Making people laugh, taking selfies with YOU, and serving outrageous + delicious treats. Summer’s a busy time for me, but this past year I kept myself active entertaining the locals. Scroll down to see some of my Insta-Shenanigans or follow me on Instagram!

When you come to visit me + the PEACH BUMS, make sure to CHECK-IN or TAG me in your photos. I’d like to make sure you’ve captured my good side – I’ll let you guess which side that is – wink wink.

Can’t wait to photobomb you this year!  xo The Peach

Peach on the Beawch
Crazy Shakes
Crazy Cones
Milkshake Bar

Delicious creamy shakes made just the way you like them. Choose any flavour combo, then top it with whipped cream!

•  Peach  •  Salted Caramel  •  Peanut Butter  •  Root Beer  •  Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
•  Pineapple  •  Strawberry  •  Tiramisu  •  Creme de Banana  •  Cupcake  •  Lime  •  Mango
•  Blue Raspberry  •  Blueberry  •  Cheesecake  •  Peppermint  •  Orange  •  Raspberry  •  Cherry
•  Green Apple  •  Coffee  •  Toasted Marshmallow  •  Butter Pecan  •  Cotton Candy
•  Birthday Cake  •  Chocolate  •  Coconut

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The Peach is Now Closed for the Season.
It’s Been a Slice! See you in 2021.

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